"Just hearing Mr. Leyden's voice was calming. He is compassionate, kind, and respectful. For days my husband and I could not sleep! Now we can. For any and all future legal tax issues this is the gentleman I will use and recommend highly. I cannot stress enough how much I felt at home speaking with him. His mannerism, knowledge, compassion and input were greatly appreciated. It's good to know that there are still decent lawyers out there!"

"Mr. Leyden was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and caring. He listened to my concerns and made time to see me the next day. Mr. Leyden relieved the anxiety I had been under with an IRS issue looming, and in general saved me from overwhelming fear. Mr. Leyden has the highest recommendation and praise from me, for showing compassion, and giving his time, he will always be first in my book. It's rare to find someone who will help out this way. Any IRS issue can be an extremely stressful situation, and this is the most stressful I have encountered. If you are looking for an attorney who cares and will help, Edward Leyden is the real deal. I cannot express how grateful I am to Mr. Leyden, after seeing him I slept for the first time in weeks. "



Trial Lawyers


"I endorse this lawyer. Ed is one of the most intelligent and dedicated attorneys with which I have had the pleasure of working. Always ready with an appreciation of the finer points of applying procedural rules, Ed's substantive knowledge is always a heartbeat away."


"I specialize in employment law and Ed Leyden as part of his tax pratice has developed a specialty in advising employment lawyers and client on tax issues arising in the context of employment law. I and my clients have relied on his advice. In many instances, his analysis has been critical to our achieving settlements when the parties are in disagreement about the tax implications relating to a settlement or verdict. Ed's expertise is reflected in the fact that he has served as Chair of the ABA's tax committee relating to employment law. I am well aware that many of my employment law colleagues hold him in high esteem. Beyond his expertise, Ed is very personable and makes working with him a pleasure."